PLR: 10 Reasons Why Success Eludes You

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We’ve just put together a brand new PLR set called “The Top Ten Reasons You Aren’t Where You Want to Be – YET!”

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Success Mindset PLR

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What’s contained in this new report?

Well, you’ve got your goal, and you may even have made some effort towards achieving it. So the question is: why are you stuck, tired, frustrated, tired, or just plain discouraged?

This 10-part PLR series (plus an introduction and conclusion) talks about ten reasons why you’re not where you want to be, and provides some concrete solutions for breaking through those obstacles.

It’s formatted as ebook, so you can break the report apart for articles or blog posts, or use it as a script to record a video or audio file from it.


Reason #1: You Don’t Know What You Want
Reason #2: You Don’t Have a Plan to Get from Here to There
Reason #3: You Lack the Resources
Reason #4: The People Around You Don’t Support You
Reason #5: You Don’t Really Want What You Think You Want
Reason #6: You Lack the Skills
Reason #7: You Lack Stamina
Reason #8: You’re Scared of Failure
Reason #9: You’re Scared of Success
Reason #10: You Don’t Think You Can

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Success Mindset PLR

REMEMBER: Use this coupon code to save 50% – 872FA319D5

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PLR: New Site for Quality Content

Hey there, it’s Nicole Dean here. I’ve got a special announcement today about a new PLR site I just launched.

It’s specifically content geared towards helping your clients achieve success, and that’s why I’ve called it Success PLR.

This site will have some of the best reports and eBooks on topics that you need to help your clients in their businesses and in their lives – while YOU focus on your business.

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Success PLR Content

Right now you’ll find the following PLR reports:

There will be lots more to offer here in the coming weeks, so I hope you’ll be checking back often to see what’s going on there.

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