If you feel like you can’t quite live life yet….

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

My good friend, Angela Wills, is hosting a celebration of her 10th year in business.

It’s a series of talks and the topic is “Because Life Can’t Wait” which is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart.

And it’s FREE!

Sign up here: http://nicoleonthenet.com/dontwait

So often we say I’ll do all of the amazing things when…

– I have the money
– I have the time
– I feel better
– My website looks better
– I have the freedom
– The kids are grown

What about now? What about building the life and business of your dreams now?

If you’d like a dose of education, motivation and inspiration, join us. It’s free!

Nicole Dean

This is a great way to grow your list and make sales at the same time.

Hey awesome. It’s Nicole from EasyPLR.com.

For over a year, I have been looking for a tool that could help me to create simple quizzes that also had the capability to…  

  • Integrate with my autoresponder (to put the people into my followups)
  • Give detailed responses based on the answers that were entered (not just a “you’re Rachel” on a Friend’s quiz)
  • Be solid, easy to use, and flexible

I found a LOT of them and I tested out quite a few BUT… most didn’t do what I wanted and they all had a recurring cost between $97/month and $1500/year. I know it would have been worth it, but I didn’t want to pay that much for a tool that didn’t do what I wanted.

Why do I want this? Because quizzes work.

  • They are fun for users to do.
  • They are a great way to find out what your people want and need from you and give them resources to help fast.
  • They are an easy way to educate your people about what you do and what they should buy first.
  • When done right, they can be as effective as a one-on-one consultation but with no time on your part. 🙂

On the money side of things, they also turn cold leads and people who are on the fence into customers – FAST. 

And, they are a great way to dabble with Facebook ads to get more traffic too.

My friend, David Perdew, just revamped the quiz tool that he’s using to grow his business and he’s making it available for a ONE-TIME purchase for a very limited time.

This. Is. Gold.

Check it out asap and grab your copy while the price is low here.

It doesn’t matter what niche you’re in. Quizzes work.

I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on skin care after taking this quiz.  (It’s using a different tool, but it’s the same concept.)
I’ve taken yoga quizzes (and spent money).
I’ve taken finance quizzes and parenting quizzes and travel quizzes.

As a business owner, there really isn’t a more valuable way to work people through the beginning of a funnel.

When done right, these quizzes can attract the right people, get valuable information from them, and help them to buy the right products from you.

So, what’re you waiting for? A one-time payment? DONE!

Check it out asap and grab it while the price is low here.

Have an amazing week!

Warmly and with big hugs,

Offer this to your clients? (Or save on book marketing yourself.)

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

If you’re like most people in this business, you either have written or plan to write a
book. 🙂 It’s just what we do!

You’re maybe just a little unsure about how to get people to actually FIND and BUY your book?

Or you want to help your clients to market their books better?

YOU CAN with my friend, Melissa’s, newest kit which includes a ton of book marketing
templates so that you’re not starting from scratch.

PLUS there’s a 50% off coupon so that you can save if you want to grab it.

If this sounds like something you can use, click here to check out the Book Marketing Kit:

Enter coupon code: BOOK
Expires: Friday, March 31st at midnight EST

Have an amazing week!

Warmly and with big hugs,


What if I fall? Oh but darling, what if you fly?

Hey wonderful. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

One of my favorite little poems is this:

There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask “What if I fall?”
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?
― Erin Hanson

Sometimes our fear of falling keeps us from flying… and from true freedom.

I just wrote a blog post about how facing the hard things in
business and life can help you to easily accomplish them.

You can read that here.

I would love to know what things you know you should do in
your business right now that just aren’t getting done because it’s
“too hard” or scary – and what you plan to do about it. 🙂

Also, if you like the post, please share it. I so appreciate it!

Hugs and high fives,
Nicole Dean

This may be the best thing I’ve seen this year.

Hey wonderful. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

If you’re like me, you probably give Amazon plenty of your money.

Isn’t it time they gave you some money back? 🙂

My friend, Dennis Becker, just put together an amazing 155 page
report with 14 Ways to Earn an Income with Amazon.


Personally, I knew about most of the methods, but there were a few
that I didn’t know. Because I’m a paying member of Dennis’ group,
I got this report in our download area and have been reading through
it. It’s definitely worth the price ($17 as of right now), even if just ONE
of these methods stands out as being a perfect fit for you.

Heck, even if you have zero interest in buying the report, the sales
page in itself is educational.

I would recommend you take a minute or two to read it from top to bottom
because it’s like a blog post that describes the 14 methods so you can get a
feel for whether any of them might be a good fit for you.


The methods include:

— Amazon Marketplace
— Amazon FBA
— Amazon Handmade
— Merch By Amazon
— Amazon Flex
— Amazon Associates (their affiliate program)
— Kindle
— CreateSpace
— Mechanical Turk
— Amazon S3 (more a way to save money than earn it, but
it opens up earning opportunities)
— Amazon Jobs
— Amazon Launchpad
— Amazon Payments
— Amazon Services

If any of those look new to you, you can seriously learn a lot JUST from reading
the sales page – even if you don’t have $17 to spend right now.


Warmly and with big hugs,

Don’t let this stomp on your awesome goals.

Hey wonderful. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

Sometimes I think that entrepreneur and stress go hand in hand.

If you find that stress is keeping you from reaching your goals
and achieving your dreams in your business and/or life, you’ll
love my latest post with over 20 ways to kick anxiety to the curb
so you can be your awesomest self:


If you like it, please share it. Thanks so much!

I’ve also got some free PLR for you today about gratitude. If you want it, grab it here:

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Earn 4 times more from your existing business?

One of the things that I work with my coaching clients on ALL of the time is earning more with what they’ve already got in place.

One simple tweak to an optin page can increase signups by 1-20% per visit easily.
Then of those people that sign up, a simple tweak to the download page, can get more sales.
And a few simple tweaks to the first email that goes out can also get more results.

What happens then is a compound effect.

So, let’s say you get 1000 visitors to your optin page.

By being strategic, and implementing some changes…

More of them sign up.
So more of them see your download page.
And now more of them take you up on the offer on your download page.
And more of them take action when they receive your first email, too.

That’s more money from a few minutes of time.

And it doesn’t just apply to your optins and leads. It works even better when you’re selling your products. 

-> Click here to see how simple tweaks can help you to earn 4 times more on those, too.

If you have affiliates sending traffic to a sales page, and you get 10,000 visitors from their promotions, or if you’re buying Facebook traffic….

The difference between earning $1 per visitor and $4 per visitor (or rather than $5 per sale, you’re earning $9 per visitor) – THAT IS HUGE. It’s worth it to watch the video. No matter what system you use, you can incorporate the strategies shown.

And, if you don’t have an affiliate program yet, the guys that put together the video above just make it super easy to start your own. 🙂 So check it out.

Warmly and with big hugs,

Here’s where most people get stuck

Does this sound familiar?

You have created an awesome ebook, training or coaching program and you’re ready
to start selling it, getting JV partners and affiliates on board and rock this thing already!

Unfortunately that’s the point where you’re stuck.

What next? What do you ACTUALLY need to do in order to get your program up and start making sales?

Well, there are a few choices, Infusionsoft being one of them. And Infusionsoft is great.
It’s very powerful, and has a ton of bells and whistles – BUT it’s confusing and SUPER
expensive. I use it at CoachGlue.com, and we pay over $400/month after the add-ons
we have. And after a year and a half using it, we still struggle with it sometimes.

What if there was an easy way for you to not only get your program up for sale,
but to INCREASE the profits per sale, AND to be able to get affiliates to promote you, too?

Now, there is.

Here’s a video that explains how easy (and profitable) it CAN be now.

Try to think of someone you look up to in the online world that doesn’t have ANY
of their own programs. No ebooks, no membership site, no coaching programs, or
workshops. It’s HARD. That’s because it’s the path to profit if you’re planning on
becoming an expert in your field.

Think back a bit.

Remember why you started your business?

You did it for the freedom. But the technology is standing in your way.

And now, there’s finally a solution…

Watch this brand new video where you’ll discover a tool that practically launches your
business for you…so you can eliminate all of the frustrations that come with running
a business online and see how easy it CAN (and should) be.

I hope everything is awesome in your world.

Nicole Dean

[Some Personal Info] Doing this may have saved my life and my business

Hey awesome. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

As I’m mentioned before, I’ve struggled with depression
and anxiety for most of my life.

Sometimes I beat it effortlessly.

Other times, I have to fight my way back out of it.

In January of last year (2015), I had pretty much thrown in the
towel and crawled into bed, getting out to do the bare
minimum that I had to in order to keep my business running
and my family (kind of) functional.

Around January 20th, 2015, I realized that I had a few events
that I had to speak at coming up and I had to either
get my crap together or start cancelling them and let
people down.

I had a heart-to-heart chat with my hubby and we decided
to give me 30 days to get my Awesome Self back or I’d cancel.

During those 30 days a friend’s story came back to me over and
over again. And, you might have heard me tell it before, but
I’m going to tell you again, because it’s changed not
only my life but the lives of thousands of people and growing.

It all started with my friend James Dering. He changed
his life pretty significantly in 18 months, becoming a
better hubby and father, dropped about 70 lbs and so much more.

The way he did it was simple.

1. He made a decision. He wanted to be a more awesome
version of himself. He called that guy Awesome James.

2. He took some time to figure out what Awesome James
would be like and how he’d be different than regular James.

3. Then in every moment of every day, James chose to
do what Awesome James would do instead of what he had
been doing.

For instance…

* He set his alarm an hour earlier to take
a walk in the morning. When the alarm went off, he
did what Awesome James would do. Got up and went on the walk!

* He packed his lunch instead of running through the
McDonald’s drive through.

* When he got home from work after a long day, instead
of flopping on the couch, he took 2 minutes
to unload the dishwasher, just because he knew his
wife would appreciate it.

Through this series of small, but mighty actions, he
discovered that he was becoming Awesome James.

Goosebumps? Oh yeah, baby!

So I set out on my own personal 30 days of Awesomization.

I figured actions move mountains, and all I could handle
were tiny actions, so I decided to do 3 small extra actions
every day to see if it worked.

I did one things to improve my business, one to improve my life, and one
to focus outside of myself and make the world a better place.

When my 30 days was done, I was back. And, I was inspired
to help others to take tiny actions every day in three areas:

1. To Awesomize your Business
2. To Awesomize your Life
3. To Awesomize the World

We called it the Awesomization Nation and it begins again
(for the 4th round) on September 1st.

I would love for you to join us here: http://awesomizationnation.com/

If you don’t know what you’d like to work on during the challenge,
there are some ideas on the page, plus I’ll send more tomorrow.

You will so love making September awesome with us.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

[New!] Don’t know what to blog about? Problem solved.

Hey awesome. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.  I hope you’re having a GREAT day!

I’m about to head out to jump in the pool for a bit,
but I first wanted to tell you about something
that I’m totally excited about and I think you will be, too.

My good friend, Kelly McCausey, has put together a resource
for you if you ever get stuck on…

1. What to blog about or create videos about to get the interest of potential customers.
2. What to post about on social media to get interaction.
3. Where and how to get exposure for your business.

Basically, if you need buzz and you ever feel uninspired.

Just go here and sign up already. It’s awesome. 🙂

Here’s what you’ll get:

1. Creative writing prompts to spark endless ideas for creating
awesome content that your audience will love to share (without having
to beg or bribe).
2. Lots of ideas for where and how to get exposure. Yes, more buzz.

It’s brand new, so grab your spot today.

I looked through the first issue and it’s good. If you create content,
you’ll love it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean