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Hey awesome. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

I hope you’re having a great day.

Me? I’m feeling crazy right now. I’m hoping I have awesome news for you
tomorrow, but right now, I’m a tangled mess of nerves. It’s a family thing,
but, hopefully I have wonderful news tomorrow. Wish me luck!

As for right now, I wanted to share a few great PLR deals since that’s what I do. 😉

Plus, if I don’t stay busy, I’m going to go crazier. So, here you go…

My friend, Alice Seba, is running a huge close-out of her PLR at one of her sites
and it’s 70% off for a few days.

Check that out here:

Use Coupon Code: CLOSEOUT to save 70%

Some of the interesting business PLR topics include:

– Email Marketing
– Marketing with Stories
– Beginners Guide to Working Online
– Affiliate Marketing

And look at all of these health related topics:

– Life Hacks
– Juicing
– Meatless Meals
– Dairy Free Living
– Motivational Articles and Images
– Gluten-Free Articles
– Grilling, Picnic & Kids Recipes

Here’s that link again to check it out:

Use Coupon Code: CLOSEOUT to save 70%

Those deals go away December 4th as do all of the packages above. So not only
are they on sale, but they are about to be retired. Grab what you can use – and go use it!

I hope you’ve found this helpful. I’ll be back with more soon.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

The best book I’ve read in awhile.

Hey awesome. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

Before I get too far into this, I have to admit something.

I am SOOOO not a morning person. Like, when you think of morning person, I’m the opposite.

I love bed. I love snuggling my puppies. I love sleep. I don’t even like to *think* about getting up until my Joe brings me coffee… in bed.

However, I also love to be productive and kick butt which is why I bought this book:

I. Am. Blown. Away.

In fact, this girl is making it required reading for my coaching clients.

Before you ask, NO, I’m not jumping out of bed at 6am now. Not even close. BUT it’s still impacting me greatly and I AM more productive.

It’s a quick, easy, fun read. I recommend it. 🙂

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Want to start a PLR site like mine?

Hey awesome. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

If you’ve ever thought about starting a PLR business or just have a lot of content you’ve created over the years and you’d like to turn that into an extra revenue stream, you will definitely want to check this out:


My friend, Alice Seba, created an amazing program that doesn’t just include training, but if you follow through the course, you can earn consideration for a mailing to her list.

Here’s what’s included:

– In-depth training that give you the information you need to get started and inside look at her PLR business
– Her personal templates and checklists to make getting started a whole lot easier
– 10 ready-made products to sell…load ’em up and start selling

But that’s not even the best part… This is more than education and tools. You get Alice’s personal support through promotion of your original product and will be considered for inclusion in her secret high-level PLR sellers group that I’m actually a member of.

You can learn more here:

And, surprise! On that page, you’ll also find out exactly how much I’ve made promoting Alice as an affiliate the last few years.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

FBA sellers – she earns half her profits in two months

Hey awesome. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m at the Beachpreneurs Beach house and am with lots of super smart ladies. One of them I’ve told you about before, Jessica Larrew. 🙂

Jessica sells on Amazon FBA and earns six figures (profit) selling stuff she grabs in a Target or Big Lots or online liquidation sites. How? She ships it to Amazon where they sell it in their Prime program to hungry buyers.

If you don’t know what FBA is, then here’s a great video to learn more:
http://coachglue.com/fba/ (You can stop reading here if you are NOT selling on Amazon already. Just watch the video.) 🙂

HOWEVER if you are selling on FBA, keep reading for cool stuff…

The cool thing is that Jessica earns HALF of her income in TWO MONTHS (November and December) each year and she’s teaching her methods in a new course for Amazon sellers:

PLUS she has a special coupon code to save 30%: Q430

But, it ends TOMORROW, October 20th at midnight.

You may be thinking that it’s too late this year to do this, but it’s not. In fact Jessica started a few years ago in October and that’s when her business took off. Why wait till next year when you can dig in now when buyers are actively shopping.

YOU ROCK! Thanks for reading. I appreciate you!


It’s all over Facebook (and we haven’t even started yet)

Hey awesome one! It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

The 30 Days of Awesomization (for your Business, your Life, and the World)
doesn’t even start until April 1st and it’s already all over Facebook. The
Awesomization Nation is rocking – and the only thing that would make it
better is YOU.

I would love for you to join us in making your business more
awesome, your life more awesome, and the WOLRD a better place
together. Small acts of awesome add up.

Click here to make April your Most Awesome Month Ever
–> http://WWAYD.com

This is not a “challenge”. This is a group where you can share
your awesome on a daily basis. Your latest blog posts, your videos,
charities and organizations that you love to support, and people
who you’re lifting up. I’ll be using examples from participants all
over the place so I might even make you famous.

I would *LOVE LOVE LOVE* it if you would join me. I can’t WAIT!

And, yes, there is an affiliate program. So after you sign up,
look for the link to join. Share your excitement for the
Awesomization Nation with friends and colleagues and you’ll earn
75% per person that signs up.

Here’s the scoop on that:  http://wwayd.com/affiliates/

Appreciate you bunches!

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Did You Get This Awesome Free Ebook?

Hey awesome one! It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com. 🙂

I wanted to remind you if you haven’t yet to grab this free report:


It’s good stuff.

It’ll show you 8 different strategies that successful (and high achievers) use to prepare for the new year.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Ready for change? Watch these.

Hey awesome one! It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

How would you like next year to be your breakthrough year and
to also have a proven road map to get what you really want out of life?

If you said “That’d be great!” Guess what I have for you today.

Three videos…
1. How to Have Your Breakthrough Year.
2. Characteristics of People Who Get What They Really Want
3. A Proven Road map to Get What you Really Want out of Life.

Voila! Wish granted. 🙂  http://nicoledean.com/likes/roadmap

Thousands of people have been watching these videos and
commenting on them this week and are getting psyched up
for 2015.

Check it out here. It’s good stuff.

What’s this about?

Michael Hyatt (Famous Guy) just released his all-new 5 Days To
Your Best Year Ever Coaching Program.

Last year alone over 3,000+ people went through
the program – and there are some amazing
stories of people experiencing incredible
transformations in their life.

You can experience the same:

But there is a catch…

It’s only open for the a very short period of
time.  After that, he closes it down to focus on
supporting the new class of people going through
the program.

If you know deep down that you’re capable of more
but have felt stuck not knowing how to experience
the kind of breakthrough you deserve, then go
check this out:


Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Ladies – escape the polar vortex this February and grow your biz

Hey awesome one! It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

This one is for the ladies. (Sorry guys. I love you, too and I’ll have new stuff
for you tomorrow!)

It’s the end of the year, and you’ve got to choose where your
money goes now more than ever.

Rather than getting another mug or picture frame that you don’t
need for Christmas, why not invest in yourself and your business.

Kelly McCausey and I are hosting our Beachpreneurs Conference
“From Frazzled to Freedom” right on Daytona Beach at the end
of February – and every minute of the event, you will be short
steps away from the sand with plenty of time to enjoy it.

Reasons why this is awesome and you want to attend:

1. Escape the freezing weather in February to beautiful Daytona Beach.
2. Smart speakers will teach you how to go from frazzled to freedom
in your business.
3. Plenty of downtime to walk on the beach.
4. Tropical fruity drinks while looking at the beach.
5. Sunday is small group mastermind day.
6. Small attendance cap is set at 60 people MAX for the whole weekend.
7. Introvert friendly event.
8. Activities during the event break up the learning into doing.
9. Delicious snackies included on Friday night reception.
10. You get to hug me. 🙂
11. Write it off on your taxes (if you’re in the US).
12. We are miles away from the airport so easy peasy travel.

Avoid bringing more clutter and stuff into your house. Ask
for THIS for Christmas instead.

Tickets Are On Sale Now.


Now’s the time to look into 2015 and choose the events you’ll
attend to learn, network and grow your business – and until Friday,
December 19th, you can purchase your tickets to this event at the
lowest price – especially if you double up and purchase tickets
with a friend.

Get a ticket for yourself for $247.
OR grab a friend and get tickets for you both for $397 total.


Also, be sure to connect with the ladies who are already committed
to coming here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1482198835397058/

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Kindle results. This works.

Hey awesome one! It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

Last year, I challenged one of my coaching
clients, Kristen Eckstein, to write and publish a new
Kindle book every WEEK the entire fourth quarter of 2013.

Well, she did it!

You can see her books here:
==> http://nicoledean.com/likes/kristen/amazon

What’s happened as a result of publishing this series of books?

* Her passive Kindle income skyrocketed 878% within
the first 12 weeks!
* Several of her titles hit the Amazon Best Sellers lists
– without even trying
* Experts and international magazines started calling her
out of the blue for interviews
* Backend sales continue to pour in and…
* Her “showcase” print book was over 75% complete in just
three short months!

She’s gotten results.

Since then, people have been begging her to run a bootcamp
to share her methods – and so she did.

The first few times she ran the challenge, people who signed
up published their first books left and right. The were *finally*

Her NEXT challenge starts October 2, 2014, with the goal of
your first book (in a series) being released by October 31,
and she’s giving you a sweet deal to sign up early.

For a very limited time, use the coupon code “k30early”
to take $250 off the challenge!

Go here now as the coupon is only in effect for a short
time (ends Wednesday):

==> http://coachglue.com/r/kindlebootcamp

Use this COUPON to get the intro price: k30early

Now, I don’t expect you to write a Kindle book every week for the rest of this
year, but don’t you think writing even a few in the next 12 months will grow
your business in lots of great ways? I do.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Will next year be any different than this one?

Hey awesome one! It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

The truth is this.

There Are Other Business Owners, Authors, Speakers, Coaches, Bloggers,
and Virtual Assistants Out There Right Now, Less Qualified
& Less Talented Than You Are – But They’re More Successful.

That should make you mad. AND it should also make you want to
change all that.

If so, I recommend this: http://nicoledean.com/likes/kelly/stretch

Whatever is holding you back in your “safe” zone – with this challenge,
you can stretch and grow next month into an Awesomer version of you.

So, what can you kick to the curb?

* Excuses
* Procrastination
* Perfectionism

If you’re tired of doing the same things and expecting different
results, it may be time to stretch yourself to do the things that
are scaring the pants off you. Just sayin’. 😉  Change and growth are GOOD in

Check this out as the price goes up on Monday.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean