Does this sound like you?

Hey awesomeness. It’s Nicole Dean from

One of the things that kills your mojo is focusing on your business
to the exclusion of taking care of YOU.

See if this sounds like you…

Are You Tired of EVERYTHING Taking a Back Seat to Your Business?

Do You Feel Like You’re Trading Your Health & Happiness for Success?

Have You Hit a Wall in Your Business and Everything Just Feels Empty?

If so, you’ll definitely want to check this out:

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Need Buzz?

quotes-1024x381Hey awesomeness! It’s Nicole Dean from

Over at, we’ve had a new project up our sleeves for a couple of months now, and we’re finally ready to share it with you :)

Drum roll please…

Announcing our BRAND NEW Social Buzz Kits that are specifically
designed for business coaches, consultants, trainers, business
bloggers and Virtual Assistants just like you.


Our new Social Buzz Kits take all of the confusion and hard work
out of creating graphics that will generate more buzz for your

Every month, you’ll get access to a brand new kit focused on a
specific business topic that is packed with graphics and tips that
you can share on all your social media sites.

This Month’s Social Media Buzz Kit is full of tips about “Facebook
for Business” and includes: (Only $5 for all this)

* 25 social media graphics to share on Facebook, Twitter,
Pinterest, and more.
* PSD versions of all the graphics for easy editing
*25 Facebook for business tips that you can copy & paste onto your
Facebook page

Plus, if you act fast, you’ll also get these additional graphics:

* 21 social media graphics
* 23 images that I took with my camera that you can use in blog posts,
inside products, or as backgrounds to create memes and other fun


I hope you like it! :)

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

How do you know what to focus on?

binder-peace-of-mind-bundle1Hey awesomeness! It’s Nicole Dean from

I’m not sure if you seen the brand new “Business Tracker” System that my friend, Melissa has released to help you create a more organized and focused business – but it’s FREAKING awesome!

(discount pricing only until Tuesday, Feb. 25th!)

Sometimes business can be messy and chaotic!

  • You have a gazillion project ideas.
  • You have oodles of domain names.
  • You have a stockpile of content.
  • You have a mile long list of accounts and logins.
  • You have a bunch of half finished websites.

Her Business Tracker system, will support you in moving out of chaos
and overwhelm and back into ease.

  • Focus on what makes sense.
  • Drop the rest.
  • See more profits.

(discount pricing only until Tuesday, Feb. 25th!)

Melissa personally created all of the powerful fill-in-the-blank
templates, charts, and tools in this kit so that she could use them
for her own business.

When she made them, she had no intention of selling them because
they served a very specific purpose in her business. But what she
quickly realized, is how empowered she felt after completing the 3

She then shared them with her workshop students who raved about how
much these tools helped them.

After that? Well, she knew she had to share them with you too :)

Get FULL details here and see a screenshot of her kit here:

(discount pricing only until Tuesday, Feb. 25th!)

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Create Graphics in Minutes

possibilitiesHey awesome you! It’s Nicole Dean from

It drives me crazy how many times I get ideas for quick little
graphics that I want to add to my blog posts, or post on
Facebook – but I’m so not a graphics person.

I normally send the requests over to my graphics people, but then
I have to wait – and I’m really not patient. At all.

Now I can create my own graphics with this EASY and

Here’s a little tour that’ll show you how it works:

We’ve already had bunches of our peeps grab
the software, so I wanted to make sure I told you about
it, too, so you could see if it was right for you.

Here’s where you can grab it:

We have a special coupon right now that will save you $20.

So be sure to enter coupon: social

That’s it from me. I hope you have a wonderful day!
You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

When Life Kicks you in the Butt…

Hey awesome you! It’s Nicole Dean from
I hope you’re having a great day today.

Where have I been the last few days? Sick. Allergies are
kicking my butt. Thankfully, I have built in income streams
so that, while I was in bed, I didn’t have to worry about
getting behind on my bills.

That’s the power of having multiple revenue streams.

I have a 20 minute call for you that you can listen to
all about this topic. It’s powerful stuff.

You can listen to it totally free on the top of this page:

If you enjoy the call, please share that page on Facebook
so your friends can listen as well. :)

That’s it from me. I hope you have a wonderful day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Want a Good VA (Or Are You One?)

Hey smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from
I hope you’re having a great day today and are staying
nice and warm. :)

In case you haven’t seen this yet, I wanted to make sure
you saw my friend, Melissa Ingold’s latest program because
it can really help you to boost your income this year.

Who needs it?

- You if you *are* a Virtual Assistant.
- You if you *need* a good Virtual Assistant.

Check it out:

In this program you get to go behind the scenes of her
business to visit 7 key areas to find out exactly what she
outsources, and learn the strategic *money* making plan
behind each task.

But the best part is that you have her permission to give
this program to your assistant so she can train him or her
for you.

You can literally take these training videos and hand them
right off to your assistant… WITHOUT having to do any
training yourself.


The price goes up soon, so be sure to check it out asap. :)

Where do you find an assistant? Well, with this program,
you can look at any smart and hungry people in your
local moms group, networking groups, or local community
college – or even in your own family. ;)

Sweet, right?

What are the videos?

Video #1: Your assistant will learn how to help you get a
kindle book ready and published on Amazon, and set up to
earn you money passively so you don’t have to spend a ton
of time promoting.

Video #2: Your assistant will learn how to give great
customer service to your customers, and help you decrease
refunds, and generate more sales for you.

Video #3: Your assistant will how to reuse all your audios,
videos, and event replays to get the most mileage for your
business and make you money (includes bonus video).

Video #4: Your assistant will learn how to create fast info
products for you quickly and inexpensively by leveraging
all of the content you already have sitting on your computer,
as well as all that great PLR (private label rights) content,
to help you make money (includes bonus video).

Video #5: Your assistant will learn how to help you become a
master blogger by leveraging the content you’ve already
created, as well as easy ways to create new blog posts super
fast. Including ways to get traffic, get people talking about
and sharing your content, and of course, monetizing your posts
for you (includes bonus video).

Video #6: Your assistant will learn how to help you create a
community on Facebook page, as well as easy ways to get likes,
traffic, and improve your page’s search engine rankings.

Melissa still recording videos for this program and she’ll
be posting them throughout the rest of this month.

But once all the videos have been added the program, the
price will go up.

Here’s that link again:

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Ready to Get SEEN in 2014?

graphics-sampleHey my awesomeness. It’s Nicole Dean from I hope you had great start to 2014.

Do you ever feel like you’re invisible on Social Media?

There’s a trick to getting attention – and it doesn’t
involve sending pictures of your nether-regions via
Direct Message. (Yes, that happens…. oddly… )

But it does involve pictures. :)

Last week, I told you where you can get 25 free graphics
that you can share on Social Media.
Here ->
They’re from my friend, David Perdew.

But what the HECK can you do with them, right? :)

My friend, Melissa and I put together some really simple
training about how even the least technical person can
use simple (free) online programs to edit and create cool

Here’s the scoop:

Plus – you get a TON more graphics to play with and use
to grow your following.

Just a heads up though. The price goes up on that training
on Monday. So, check it out sooner rather than later, if
you like that kind of thing.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

Have you seen this? (It’s kind of a game changer.)

Hi! It’s Nicole Dean from :)

If you’re published on Kindle – or plan to be in 2014 -
please go check out this brand new tool that makes selling
more books pretty much foolproof.


I know you’re super busy, but, if you can, take
just a few minutes and go watch this short video
to see exactly how “freaking epic” this thing is.


It’s going to save me a ton of time and get me better
results. I hope you like it, too!

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

My Facepalm And What You Can Learn from It

income-roller-coasterHello dear one! :) It’s Nicole Dean from

I’m going to paint a picture for you today that I really want you to think about.

Here’s what happened to me…

There was a water leak in the wall between my daughter’s bedroom and the bathroom. We didn’t know it was there for weeks (months?) – until we moved her bed and saw mold.

I’m severely allergic to mold. But, in my infinite mommy-wisdom, I grabbed a box-opener and started cutting and tearing out carpet with my husband.

I ended up on SIX medications and in bed not able to do much but focus on trying to breathe – for over a month.

Yeah. I probably should have outsourced that carpet removal. (Face palm.)

I was mad at myself – but thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about my income.

Why? Because years ago, I challenged myself to bring in enough
recurring passive income every month – that ALL of my monthly
expenses would be covered in case of an emergency.

I’ve tested that many times in the years since, but in good
ways, too. Our trip to Europe to spend time with my Latvian
girl during the adoption process – was possible, in large
part because I had consistent income coming in even though
I wasn’t working.

Going up to Wisconsin for 3-4 weeks during the summers to
spend time with family and to do jigsaw puzzles with my
Gramma – all possible because I have that STEADY income.

And, that’s why this new training that I’ll be teaching
next month is so very important to me.

AND – why it should be important to you, too.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean

They are jealous of me?

income-roller-coasterHi! It’s Nicole Dean from I hope you’re having a great day today.

I think it’s funny, but some of the biggest names in business have told me that they are jealous of me.

Their businesses are one scary roller-coaster ride. They launch a product and have a big month — then their income stops.

It’s a “feast or famine” lifestyle.

That’s NOT the way I work. I don’t like the stress of the rollercoaster ride – so I set up my business to avoid it.

In fact, at a mastermind a year ago, I stood up and said that my immediate problem was that I had *too much* passive income.

Now, of course, that’s not entirely true. But my point was
that my passive income paid all of my bills, so I was getting
lazy and reading romance novels instead of pushing myself
more. I needed a goal to push me out of my comfort zone.

I had a few people in the room threaten to throw things at
me. ;) But it was all good.

Since then, those people have been begging me to teach my methods.

I was planning on teaching them alone – but I decided to pair up
with my friend, Melissa Ingold, who also rocks Passive Income -
and we decided that now is the time.

Introducing… (drum roll please)  ….


Just to be clear. This course is all about taking your existing
assets and tweaking them to bring in more passive income on
an ongoing basis.

We’ll talk about how to be STRATEGIC and INTENTIONAL
about your marketing – for ongoing income.

We haven’t set up a super-fancy sales page yet – so we’re
offering a HUGE discount for our loyal customers while we get
that set up.

So, if you want to get access to the modules as we create them
next month, our Facebook group where you can ask questions
about the training, and be able to submit questions to help us
customize and cover the things that you’re most interested in
learning in this course – then sign up asap.

* Again, please note that the training will start in January, but you’ll
get access to our Facebook group now. :)

Just ONE tweak that you learn and implement could easily
pay back your investment in this course – month after month
after month.

Make next year your best year yet. Let us help.

Have a fantastic day! You deserve it.

Warmly and with Big Hugs,
Nicole Dean