[Free] Your Social Media, Done-for-You.

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

Yesterday I told you about a cool new way to get Done-for-You Social Media posts for under $10 a month.

Well, I just realized you can get a sample for FREE right here:

The Conversation Starters are my favorite part of this package.

Each conversation starter is a question, designed to get your followers to interact with you.

You’ll get questions you can post like “What one thing can you do this week to help improve your life?”

If you were posting, you could use this as inspiration and replace “life” with health, future, happiness, or business.

Or turn it into a negative “What one thing can you STOP doing this week that would directly improve your ___?”

She’s also throwing in Done-for-You Personal Development Quotes and Personal Development Tips.

For instance, one of the tips in the free package is “Your environment impacts your mood. Create an inspirational area where you spend your most time.”

If I were taking inspiration from this to post, I would say something like…

“Your office space impacts your mood. Mine needs some work. Post a picture of your inspirational office space.”

AND, you get graphics, too.

Here’s the link to check out the free package:

And, if you’re interested in saving time and frustration, you can check out the $10 offer here:

Simply load the content into a program like MeetEdgar or Recur Post to enhance engagement all over your social media presence.

This could also be given to your assistant to post for you – again, saving you time and therefore money.

The important thing is to check them out soon as the price goes up in a few days.

Hugs and high fives,

P.S. In case you haven’t seen this yet, my friends, Tracy and Susanne have a BUNCH of free done-for-you content on their site here: