Two things that I’m excited about….

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from

I have two cool things to tell you about today.

First, I just created a new video training with my friend Melissa
Ingold over at

“10 Quick & Easy Ways to Add Passive Income Streams into your
Business with Affiliate Marketing”

It’s a series of short videos where we explain a method of adding
affiliate marketing into your business in each one. 🙂

And, through Tuesday, it is $70 off with the coupon below.

Check it out here:

Use Coupon Code: 70
Discount: $70 off
Expires Tuesday the 14th of November

Grab a spot if you would love to add some more income to your
business without having to create more products of your own.

The second thing that I’m super excited about is that we just
announced another speaker that will be at the Ladies Only Beach Camp
Event in Daytona Beach in April.

It’s KIM COLES! She’ll be teaching about how to communicate with
story and humor. It’ll be great! I’m a bit giddy about this to be
totally honest.

So, if you’re a woman and you want to spend a few days at the beach,
learning and growing in so many ways, join us:

If you don’t know who Kim is, here’s a little bio:

Actress, comedienne, author, playwright and TV personality KIM COLES
is truly a renaissance woman.

Best known for her five-season turn as the unforgettable “Synclaire”
on FOX’s ground-breaking comedy series, Living Single. KIM COLES has
starred in numerous hit television programs including Frasier, In
Living Color, One on One just to name a few.

KIM COLES is also an author who wrote 2 best-selling books, “I’m Free
But it Will Cost You: The Single Life According to Kim Coles.” And “The
Gratitude Journal”.

Me, Kelly McCausey, Michele Scism, Tracy Roberts, Susanne Myers, and
now Kim Coles? Plus we’ll be announcing one more speaker soon.

Grab your spot here:

Warmly and with big hugs,

P.S. I loved the opportunity to share about my trip to Italy in this
guest post. “Sans Laptop, Sans Gluten, Sans Worries: Italy with
Nicole Dean”

PS again. YOU are awesome. #truth