This holds so many people back. It breaks my heart.

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from

Before I get into what’s new with me, I have a free PLR article and a
recommendation for you.

My friend, Justin, has put together a huge package about how to care
less about what other people think.

Why is this so important? Because if we’re too worried about what
others think, it can hold us back from achieving all the awesome
things that we dream of (when we allow ourselves to dream BIG).

Heck, I have friends who won’t go to a gym, swimming pool, or
give a toast at a wedding because of what other people might think.

That breaks my heart. I mean, put on the swim suit, walk proud
and do the things you LOVE and CRAVE doing! Am I right?!

And, with my coaching clients, I have to have talks asking “Why isn’t
your webinar live yet?” or “Why isn’t your book done?” And it’s usually
because of those self doubts about not being good enough and being
judged poorly. Just do the thing!

Anyway… I digress, as I always do. 🙂

Here’s what I’ve got.

A free PLR article about how to break free from our fears and

The link for the FREE article is at the *TOP* of this page:

(The download link is the first thing you’ll see on the top after the
page opens, so don’t scroll by it and think I’m tricking you). 🙂

On that page, below the free article, you’ll see a great offer for
the “How to Care Less” package. It’s huge and on sale and it would make
an awesome course for your audience.

Here’s the link again:

As for my current adventure? I’m on an adventure of self-improvement.

I always like to have an adventure of sorts and after I finished my
yoga teacher training, and I traveled around Italy, I felt like
“what’s next big adventure?”

And, so I’ve been going through some really cool training that I’ve
been enjoying. Actually, if you’d like you can check out some of
their stuff here, too. Not an affiliate link:

Some of the courses are better than others, but there’s a nice
variety of free stuff there to choose from to see what you like. 🙂

Anyway, my point is two-fold.

1. It’s awesome and important to not only invest in our business and
marketing education but also in our own personal development. We ARE
worth it! We have the same mind for the rest of our lives. Let’s
invest some love into it, right?

2. People spend money on personal development and are just as
ravenous about absorbing it as I am. It’s a GREAT market to be in (or
to tie into your existing one).

Hence the mention today of the “How to Care Less” PLR package.

Grab it if you can use it. If not, there’ll always be more. 🙂

Hugs and high fives,
Nicole Dean

p.s. For the ladies reading this, please join me in Daytona Beach in
April and grow your business!

PS again. YOU are awesome. #truth