Odd PLR with Coupon

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

I have something fun for you today.

My friends and coaching clients, Tracy and Susanne
are offering a half price coupon on a different PLR package
every day this month.

Today’s PLR package is an odd but really popular
health topic.

Bone broth.

You can check it out here:


Discount: Half Price. The discount will show when
you get to Paypal before you complete your order.

Valid: Today only

Why do I like this topic?

Back in January 2015, I did my first Whole30.
I have done three more since then. After that,
I switched to Paleo. And then I discovered
that I have an autoimmune disorder (or two),
so a few months ago, I started making the move
to the Autoimmune Protocol which eliminates
even more potentially inflammatory foods in
an effort to only eat healing foods.

I’ve lost over 65 lbs which is a bonus. 🙂

But…  The constant in this journey
and in all three of these meal types?

Bone broth.

It’s healing to the gut, nourishing, and,
in many cases, free, if you make it yourself
as I do.

And, if you’re already investing in GOOD quality
meats, then you definitely want to make your own
or you’re throwing away money.

What types of markets would be interested in this?

– Health and Wellness (of course)
– Budgeting (saving money on food) / Finance
– Homemaking
– Healing your gut
– Preppers / Survival / Off the grid living
– Productivity / brain hacking
– Time management (It’s a lot easier to throw
your old bones into the crockpot to make broth
and them freeze it in small packages than to run
to the store to buy chicken broth.)

Those are just a few great angles.

Take a look and see if you can use this PLR.

Here’s the link again:



Discount: Half Price. The discount will show when
you get to Paypal before you finish your order.

Valid: Today only

I also have a $5 package at EasyPLR that’s all about
getting started with Paleo if you’re interested
in PLR about that.

You can get that here:

I hope you enjoyed your time with me today.

I’m off to jump into my cute new little jeep,
roll the top back, and head to yoga.

I hope you’re having a fun day, too!

Hugs and high fives,
Nicole Dean

p.s. If you’re interested in any of the stuff I
mentioned above, here are some resources:



My favorite book in this journey right now is this one:

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