[New PLR] What stands between most people and success?

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from EasyPLR.com.

My good friends, Tracy and Susanne, just released
a new PLR package that you’re going to LOVE.

It’s a 30 Day Challenge to help your readers to
be braver than their fears.

And, for right now, they’ve got a crazy deal going
that you can get it for only $17 by checking out their
new club.


Let’s talk about being brave for a minute.

I often see this in my coaching clients.

They have enough business and marketing knowledge
to be millionaires multiple times over by now.

But why aren’t they?

One thing. Fear.

It’s scarier to try the hard things than to stay
safely where they are.

So, what do they need to reach their income goals?

Not another social media course or another webinar
about webinars. 😉

They need a kick in the butt to get brave and to get
the hard stuff done.

You can help your audience face the scary things and
get things done with this package.

Or, you can just grab it and read it in bed to fuel
your own brave.

Either way, be sure to check this out soon. The price
goes up soon and I don’t want you to miss it if you’re


You’ll get 30 articles with activities to get brave.

You can use them as a 30 day challenge for your audience or
as blog content, or to fuel ideas for little videos
or podcasts.

PLUS, you’ll get those same 30 articles in an ebook
format so you can create a coaching program around them.

Personally when I do 30 day challenges, I like to
also get a pdf of all of the messages so I don’t
have to go back and track them all down if I miss one.

Pretty smart, aren’t they? I think so!

Hugs and high fives,
Nicole Dean