This was really hard… until it wasn’t.

Hey awesome smart one. It’s Nicole Dean from

I may rock at passive income, but there’s one type of passive income
that I had slacked on for YEARS.

Saving & Investing.

There were three reasons why I wasn’t doing it.

1. I didn’t know enough to know what I needed to know. And I was
terrified of making a mistake. Heck. I didn’t even know what
questions to ask, let alone what to do with the answers.

2. I’m an introvert and didn’t want to have to deal with walking into
a bank and feeling stupid…

3. Finally I DID walk into a bank about 5 years ago and I took
hours of time to set up a SEP (like a 401 K) account, but it was
such a pain to get money into that I just never did.

Again, businesses shouldn’t make you jump through hoops to give them
money, right?

It felt hard. Totally complicated and time-consuming and I was just
over it. Until I realized that I *really* needed to make it a
priority to sock away some money. I’m not getting any younger. 😉

I found the perfect solution for me.

It’s called Wealthfront and here’s why I love it.

1. You can set it up in MINUTES online and get $15k managed free through this link:

2. No having to walk into a bank and waste your time.

3. It’s automated. I set it up with my bank account and it pulls
money into my three accounts automatically each month and reinvests

So what three accounts did I set up?

I have one 529 (college savings) account for my daughter. She’s in
high school, so I put a little in there once a month. Because she’s
so close to college already, it doesn’t make sense to put a ton in in
case the stock market decides to blurp right before her Freshman
year, but I did want to put some in there.

Then, I set up a Joint Investment account and I have money going into
that twice a month.

And I set up a SEP (again, like an IRA to save on taxes and have
money for retirement). I have money go into that weekly.

It all runs like clockwork and I can just sit back and relax –
knowing it’s another thing that I don’t have to think about.

It’s a simple tweak that’s helping ME to be more responsible, to save
and to prepare better for my retirement. 🙂

PLUS, there are no fees at all until you reach $15k if you sign up
through my link:

Then you can also invite people and get $5k managed free for every
person who signs up. Cool, right?

So, if you are at all interested, check out Wealthfront here:
Click on “get started” and it’ll walk you through a quiz to see what kind of
investments make sense for you.

Of course, I’m not an accountant or financial adviser. I just like
simple, easy, profitable things to bring me health and wealth – and
this has been one for me. Less stress. More money. Happier me. If you
prefer another route and that’s working for you, then that’s awesome.

I just wanted to make sure you knew that there IS an easy way to get
started saving a bit each month, especially if you’ve been putting it
off until you found the “perfect” or “right” solution. 🙂

Warmly and with big hugs,